Lunes, Mayo 27, 2013

Earrings and watches and bracelets from Michael Kors are now available in Cashcashpinoy!!

Having a hard time looking for stunning accessories with brilliant designs? That's not a problem anymore because you can now find these sophisticated accessories from Michael Kors at Cashcashpinoy deals. For the past couple of years, Michael Kors watches have been all the rage.. and I fell right into the obsession of this trend.  After going back and forth between the yellow gold and rose gold watch, I decided on the yellow gold so when I found out that Cashcashpinoy had this deal I didn't even think twice about buying it because it's cheaper at CashcashpinoyThe Michael Kors Gold Watch boasts of a stainless steel case, bezel and bracelet in gold-tone for that perfect touch of elegance to any outfit. I'm even happier because they also had earrings from Michael Kors that will sure to add a chic appeal for us girls. The earrings look solid and this adds to the elegance of it. It’s a simple yet very glamorous accessory that can go with business outfits, casual ones, and anything else!  So I will recommend you to buy now too at Cashcashpinoy and get these gorgeous accessories from American designer, Michael Kors at a discounted price!! 

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